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Soultone Cymbals Newsletter 062317


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Soultone Cymbals artist Chris Moore playing to a song by his band YYNOT called "Etheria."

Chris recently joined Soultone and is using a mix of cymbals - including Extreme, Gospel, and Custom Brilliant.

Follow Chris on Instagram and Facebook.

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Marco's Drum Solo

Soultone Cymbals artist Marco Cirigliano in a drum solo video at our studio.

Marco is currently playing with the R&B/Funk/Dance group One More Day.

Check out Marco's Youtube channel and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

Featured Video of the Week:

Soultone Cymbals artist Smitty and his band Alarm For War in a new video. The song is called "Day Turned to Night".

Follow the band on Instagram and Facebook.

Cymbal Series

of the Week

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The Gospel Series

with a faster attack

and a clean,

bright, sustained sound.


of the Week

Soultone Cymbals artist

CJ Baker with the

NSG Crash he won on

our last giveaway.

More giveaways

coming soon!

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New video from

Soultone Cymbals artist

William Clark and his band

Blood Of The Prophets.

Their new album will be

released on July 27th.
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Tamara Levy, Editor - Soultone Cymbals Newsletter

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