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Zoe Pascal

Zoe Pascal

Zoe was born in Lisbon-Portugal (2001) in a family of talented musicians.
He was around instruments and music all his life.
Drums were always present and we have Zoe playing in Videos, in a family environment, since he was 3 – 4 years old.
His relation with his instrument was always very natural and his learning was done in a flowing way, without too much pressure.
From the age of 6 years old, right around the time he moved to London-
UK with his family, he started to focus more in his evolution as a drummer.
His local school staff was very supportive with his talent and he was always one of the star of all school celebrations.

Zoe likes to learn new facts in music, loves old school drummers and vintage drum kits.
His Top drummers are Jack Dejohnette, Buddy Rich, Antonio Sanchez, Horacio El Negro and his influences are drawn from Jazz, Fusion, Afro, Latin, Gospel, etc.
In 2012, with 11 years old, he signed his first artist endorsement with Soultone Cymbals and became the youngest endorsee at Soultone UK.
He was also chosen, within 400 entries for a short list of the 40 Best Young
Drummers of the Year 2013, won a Robert Lewin Scholarship from Awards for Young musicians and was selected to attend the National Youth Jazz Collective short summer school.

Also in 2012 , Zoe entered Tomorrows Warriors, a talented Young Jazz musicians development program (http://www.tomorrowswarriors.org/) resident at
Southbank Center, which allows him to jam every Saturday with some of the best
Jazz Musicians in London-UK and be selected to fill the drummer position at Tomorrow´s Warriors Junior band
(11-15years Old), the youngest collective in the programme.
This band has a yearly schedule of concerts around UK in Festivals and Cultural Centres.

Most of what he knows was taught by his father, a worldwide touring bass & double
Bass player, and by watching and hearing loads of Cd's and videos. Presently he is studying to improve his reading skills and he has lessons with Shane Forbes and Rod Young, 2 Top drummers in UK.

His biggest goals are to get ready to tour with his dad and auntie and to have
his own Jazz Big Band.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Prototype Flat Ride Natural
16" FX "FXO 12"
14" Prototype Hi Hats Natural
20" Crash/Ride "Vintage Old School" Patina
16" Prototype Crash Natural