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Zan Petrovic

Zan Petrovic was born february 8th 1992 in Sarajevo Bosnia. In 1996 his family moved to Canada to start a new life and Zan began playing tennis as his main passion but always was curious about music and drumming. After 12 years of playing professionally, Zan quit playing tennis most notably because of the death of his father.

After settling down in Vancouver, Zan's mother bought him his first Drum set in the winter of 2009. It was only a few months later that he help give life to his main musical project "Riftwalker" a progressive death metal band. It was 3 years of struggling to find places to practice, drama between band members, line up changes, unprofessional recordings that were all negatively affecting the progress of Zan's drumming but with much determination and discipline he managed to find a stable routine in a reliable practice space with a solid line up of band members to help continue persuing his dreams within music.

Begining of 2014 has held great achievements and opportunities for Zan and his band Riftwalker. Starting with the release of Riftwalker's first long awaited "EP" followed by multiple explosive shows that displayed the bands energy and passion for creating and performing music. March 2014 marks Zan's first official drum endorsement with "Soultone Cymbals" as well as the opportunity to perform and co-host in a "Extreme metal drum workshop tour"across 6 cities Starting in Kathmandu Nepal. Many more things are in store for Zan and Riftwalker within 2014 and this is only the begining! With his passion and desire to learn, things can only get better!

My Soultone Set: 

19" Gospel Ride
13" Gospel Hi Hats
19" Extreme China
7" Gospel Splash
18" Extreme Crash
20" Extreme Mega Bell Ride
8" Gospel Splash
16" Extreme Crash

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