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Zaky Nova (born May 14th, 1991) is from the small town of Independence Kentucky, about ten minutes from Cincinnati Ohio. Zaky is currently the drummer for American metal-core band OCEAN GRID. Drumming was in Zaky's blood always hitting things with whatever he could find that resembled sticks and was a playing surface. He would play on the walls, the table, counters, any surface he could. Finally being allowed to start on actual drums, Zaky started in 5th grade band. Zaky had to do anything and everything he could with drums. Performing in All State Band, Select Band, marching band. It wasn't until 7th grade Pep band he got his chance to play on a full drumkit. Zaky fell in love, took off from there and never looked back. Playing in bands Walking Toward Eternity, Black Veil Brides (at 16), Arescyn, anytime he could play he did. Zaky signed his first endorsement deals with Epiarch Drums at 15, then Shine Custom Drums at 16. Zaky learned and progressed in many different genres, majoring as a Jazz Performance Major. Zaky was able to become a well-rounded percussionist under the instruction of Percussion Head Scott Lang, and by some of the best instructors and symphony percussionist. Over his childhood and career he was able to study under greats like Greg Slone, Alfred Beasley, David Fishlock, Mike Meloy, and more. Zaky is well known for his foot control, and major versatility of drumming styles, he was able to add technical and different elements to his genera. When he is not touring with his band OCEAN GRID, and working on his love for teaching, Zaky also founded Non-Profit group The Monsters Project which focuses on helping find treatment for self-harm, and suicide prevention. Teaching the motto, “Mind Over Monsters, that no one is alone and together we can overcome any obstacle.” Zaky overcame his “Monster”. Zaky suffers from Tourette's syndrome. He has never let it hold him back, and now he shines as an example and inspiration that anything is possible if you work hard!

Current Endorsements:

- SJC Custom Drums
- Soultone Cymbals
- Silverfox Drumsticks
- Axis Percussion Pedals
- Alien Ears (In Ear Monitors)

My Soultone Set: 

- 14" Custom Hi-Hat
- 19" Gospel Crash
- 20" Custom Crash
- 22" Gospel Mega Bell Ride
- 10" Extreme Splash
- 11" Gospel Splash
- 14" FXO 3 Extreme China
- 19" Gospel China
- 5" Bronze Bell
- 7" Bronze Bell