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Zachary Green is a California native a graduate of Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles. A drummer as long as he can remember, beginning at the young age of 5 Zachary was drumming on everything in sight creating a faux drum kit out of him moms vintage LP’s for cymbals and garbage pails as toms. By the Age of 12, his mother knew he was bound for greatness and ready for an official kit of his own and with that Zach the Man was born. From there to today just about every Sunday, you will find Zachary behind a drum kit in a church drumming for the Lord giving thanks for his wonderful gift.

His work includes a long list of music from Latin Jazz to Cowboy Soul, once he hears it he can play it. Zachary’s talent has taking him to India and out on the open sea all the way back to Hollywood. He worked on Princess Cruise line for 3.1/2months. Toured and played with various artists over the years beginning early 2009 until mid 2011 with Latin Jazz artist Paris Escovedo. The Latin band Suvarosa for a year. His more recent work includes; Independent Soul R & B artist Pamela Miles, a cowboy soul band from 2010 until today. This year he completed a down south tour with Long Beach CA based reggae group Doug Means Project.
Zach is currently endorsed by Soultone Cymbals and DC California Custom Drums.

"Playing Drums is Therapeutic and peaceful"

Watch out for Zach Green.

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