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Zachary Boettcher

Zachary Boettcher

Smooth Cat Zach

Zachary has been playing to a beat since he was 1-year-old. Playing with spoons and containers was an everyday event in Zach’s life. At the age of 1 ?, Zach was given a little three-piece wooden drum set for his birthday. It was then that his family really noticed his talent and passion for playing drums. For the next year, he would play this little drum set on an average of six hours a day. He played the drum so much that; all of the wooden pieces, plastic canvases and metal cymbals were destroyed. It took the creativity of mom to piece it back together from time to time!

At 3-years-old, Zach got a Tama starter 5-piece drum set. This was the turning point for his development as a drummer. Zach had started putting together all kinds of grooves and beats. His passion for music has also greatly increased and he listens everyday to CDs of various artists from the pop, rock, R&B, jazz and soul genres.

Zach has been taking lessons since the age of 3 ? years old and is now learning to read music. Mr. Bernard Purdie (the worlds most recorded drummer) is also Zach’s friend and mentor. Zachary practices everyday and is performing at various “Open Mic” nights, benefits, events, and is currently recording his first CD. He also loves to go to drum clinics to watch and learn from his peers. Listeners and musicians are amazed by his ability to feel a song and play it so naturally. It has been stated by, fellow musicians and his instructor, that “Zach has the gift and dedication required to become one of the greatest drummers of his time.” Zach always talks about being in a band and one day wants to be part of a children’s network show. Zachary was recently selected as a winner from PAS (Percussive Arts Society) for the “Larrie Londin Scholarship” award.