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Yeismel Grandal Albo

Yeismel Grandal Albo

Yeismel Grandal Albo

It is born on November 27, 1981 in the city of the Havana, Cuba. It is to the age of 10 years when it begins his studies of music with several individuals teachers, between them Jose Luis Quintana (Changuito). From very early age it integrates several juvenile groups as drummer and percussionist.

In the year 2000 he travels to Mexico, where it takes root nowadays, to record with several artists of the Universal company Music, who in turn invite it to the promotional tours. His great talent and versatility not only allow him the domain of the Latin and Afro-Cuban kinds, where it is recognized by his impressive groove and domain of the set of battery by kettledrum, but also the Jazz, the Funk and the Pop are his fort.

Royal School possesses the qualifications of the Associated Board of the of Music (2005) and of the Trinity College London (2010).

It has been a member of groups as " 40 Degrees " on whom he accompanied artists like Amaury Gutiérrez, David Torrens and Francisco Céspedes; of the quintet of Latin jazz "Menduvía" of the pianist Osmany Paredes, with whom it took part in diverse festivals of jazz of the country.

Time later there forms a part of the musical band of diverse singers who writes his own songs, between them Eduardo Antonio, Angélica Maria, Lorena Herrera, Raquel Bigorra, Osamu, and Liz Vega under Juan Osorio's production. Also has collaborated with Ha-Ash, Rocio Banquells, Niurka Marcos, Bobby Larios, Argelia Fragoso, La Maldita Vecindad, Manolín el medico de la salsa, Orlando Valle (Maraca), Lázaro Valdés and Bamboleo, Tania Pantoja, Los Socios del Ritmo nominated to the Grammy Latino, Alquimia the Sonorous one of the XXIst also the nominated to the prize Grammy Latino on whom Eddie Santiago accompanied Oscar de León, Maelo Ruiz, between others.

It has given clinics and courses of Battery and Percussion along the Mexican Republic and is a producer of bands as "Exilia2", "Martellatin" and " The Constellation ", as well as The Musical Director of the theatrical work In the Heights in Mexico.

In the last years, the musician has combined his instrumentalist's career with the teaching and the musical production. He was a teacher and coordinator of the areas of Battery and Percussion in the University of the Music G MARTELL.

Nowadays he is a teacher and the director of his own academy of music in the city of Mexico, and together she is musician of the singer who writes his own songs Alexander Acha and of pop's trio of Alex Ubago, Jorge Billamizar and Lena Burke, winners of the Latin Grammy 2011.

Yeismel Grandal is an artist of Soultone Cymbals and of DCA Percussion.