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Xavier Poole

Xavier Poole

Xavier Poole aka X "The Drummer," is from Calumet Park, Illinois. He is eleven years old and in the sixth grade. He has been playing drums since the age of 3. He started playing drums in church. At the age of six, he joined the blues camp for the Blues Kids of Chicago at Columbia College. He has always loved music, any genre of music. He loves to play jazz, gospel, r&b, hip hop, pop, rock etc. He loves to challenge himself to see if he can add his own "spice" to songs with different drum variations. He labels himself as a "professional drummer" and would like to be a super producer someday. Music is a big deal in his family so it's in his blood! His grandfather was a composer, he sings and plays several instruments. His first love is the drums but he is also learning how to play the piano and create his own music. Xavier is always looking to learn new skills from other seasoned drummers to heighten his own skill set/craft! He loves God and believes that his talent is God given and plans to use it to the full potential. Although he is only 11, he does understand that anything is possible with hard work and dedication.

Soultone cymbals are different because of the quality. I love cymbals and I've played several brands of cymbals and I love the sound of Soultone cymbals,especially the bell!

I feel like they are a better quality than a lot of the other cymbals that I've used in the past.
I think that other drummers should use them because they are durable and last for a while.
Soultone cymbals help me produce the different sounds that I am looking for. Soultone relations have been really helpful and they always answer all of my questions.

-Links to social media. Instagram: https://instagram.com/xdadrummer?igshid=16wefuijphoeg (xdadrummer)
Facebook: Xavier "X-Man"Poole
Tik Tok: @xdadrummer
Snapchat: xavier_poole (Yo_boi_x)
Email: poole828@gmail.com

My Soultone Set: 

14" Custom Hi Hats
16" Custom Splash
18" Custp, Splash
20" Ride