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Wesley Mitchell

Wesley Mitchell

It’s rare nowadays that you meet drummers, let alone musicians, especially in a city like Nashville who are skilled and hardworking, but also insatiably passionate about what they do. But this South Dakota stick-slinger, Wesley Allan Mitchell has somehow managed to be both. On one side, he comes qualified. Receiving his Bachelor’s in Music Business with a percussion emphasis, he gives drum lessons to students of all ages and continues to dive deeper and deeper into the theory of percussion—including, but certainly not limited to, Rock, Funk Indie, R & B, Latin, Pop, Jazz—and has a 15-year history of studying every subtle aspect of the skins. Not to mention, his fierce work ethic has earned him two endorsements from both Risen Drums (Twin Cities, MN) and LA based Soultone Cymbals. Yet, on the other side, Wes comes with plenty of soul, collaborating with such Nashville bands as the psychedelic rock n’ roll mash-up, Thunder Brother, and his newest meaty drum n’ bass side-project, Megajoos. Overall, Wes’s passion is driven by a sense of stylistic expansion and an unconditional love for all types of music. It certainly explains why he’s considered a vigilant local freelance and session drummer while also exploring the nation, throwing himself out there in not one but two tours in the American Midwest and South. For Wes, if there are ideas, he supplies a beat; and if there’s a beat, he can hear it. He’s a drummer, a percussionist, a musician who works hard for what he does. But don’t be mistaken; Wes never breaks a sweat without also throwing his own beating, rhythm-pumping heart out on the chopping block.


Recording Credits:

Ladies Buffet - E.P (2002)

Ladies Buffet - Attempting to Think Outside the Box (2006)

Union Electric - E.P. (2009)

Thunder Brother - Brojam! (2010)

Thunder Brother - Eggs & Toast (2011)

Thunder Brother - Creature (2012)

Megajoos - Self Titled (2012)

Megajoos - MEGA/BABY Split Cassette (2012)

Megajoos - Mega Deuce

My Soultone Set: 

14" Custom Brilliant Hi Hats
17" Extreme Crash
21" Extreme Ride