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Vladimer Lado Sichinava

Vladimer Lado Sichinava


Vladimer Lado Sichinava was born in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Drummer, composer, producer, co-founder of the eclectic progressive rock band PROFUSION (www.profusion.it) from Italy.

Lado manifested his propensity for music when he was still quite young, but very soon his preference for rhythm and singing was revealed. While learning to crawl, Lado began to investigate the house once reaching the kitchen cupboards: a set of pots and lids - those were the first musical instruments of a drummer, who is now part of the large family of musicians endorsing Soultone Cymbals. Before adults took his passion for percussion instruments seriously, Lado would have to go through a classical musical education and all that, in the times of war and hard political and economic crisis in Georgia. Lado began his first musical steps at the age of 8, attending lessons in the children choral group of Tbilisi Z. Paliashvili Opera and Ballet State Theatre participating in the performance of Giya Kancheli’s opera, "Music for the living".

Afterwards Lado took piano lessons from the teacher Veta Nonieva, a course on composition with Prof. Shota Shanidze and singing lessons from the musical studio director Eter Gogatishvili at "Tbilisi National Youth Palace". For two years Lado studied classical guitar at the music school of the Tbilisi State Conservatoire with concert teacher Tengiz Gamidadze. He took lessons of panduri (a traditional Georgian three-string plucked instrument) from the teacher Avtandil Modrekiladze.

However, after having learned the basics of these kinds of music, Lado has succeeded in his initial intent - the well known jazz musician and drummer Guram Tetsoshvili at "Tbilisi National Youth Palace" became his first percussion teacher; he introduced him to the world of drums, and since then this instrument embodies the essence of Lado and represents his basic means of expression.

After moving to Italy at age 17, Lado enrolled at the music school of the town of Poggibonsi (Siena), in the drums class of the concert teacher Gianni Cerone, where he studied for 5 years.

At the same time Lado started trying his hand with musical groups. Raised on classical and folk music, jazz, fusion, and even heavy metal, Lado is working hard with his music band PROFUSION, born in 2002, creating a new, original musical style, performing in public concerts as well.

Up to now, 2 music albums were released by PROFUSION:

One Piece Puzzle (2006 - self-produced)

RewoToweR (2011 - Prog Rock Records (USA))


Lado is in constant creative search and professional growth. He attended the workshops of world-renowned drummers as Elvin Jones, Simon Phillips, Virgil Donati, Giorgio Di Tullio and Gavin Harrison. He is also a drum teacher at a local music school in Siena. Organically combining the culture of his two countries, Italy and Georgia, Lado is one of the official endorsers of Soultone Cymbals in Italy, and the first endorser in Georgia.

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