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Viveca Butler

Viveca Butler is the drummer and songwriter for The Acute, an exciting two-piece New York band. Originally from France, her individual style has rock, metal, pop and electronic influences, which reflect the bands she’s played in. They include Dayglo, Aquila, Goon Squad, and then songwriting, engineering, singing, and drumming for her own innovative psychedelic band, Occultation. Viveca has played shows with everyone from Blondie to MGMT to Tribulation to The New York Dolls.

The Acute features Viveca’s technical skill and originality and creates powerful rock music that leans into a multitude of styles and genres. Their new release, the Newsical EP, showcases her drumming creativity as well as her songwriting ability (the title track video is here Her favorite drummers are Jaki Liebzheit, Papa Joe Jones, Buddy Rich and Max Roach.

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