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Vincent Fossett Jr

Vincent Fossett Jr

Vincent Fossett Jr. was born on June, 17 1985. A native Californian, Vincent began drumming at the age of 2. His main influence when he began was his father Vincent Fossett Sr., also a drummer, who has worked with such gospel artist as James Cleveland, Mattie Moss- Clark, Keith Pringle and Ricky Grundy as well as legendary R&B group Earth Wind and Fire just to name a few. Vincent grew up watching his father play in church and various concerts. From there he learned to develop his own style and musical ability.

Vincent began his professional career at the age of 17 when his high school jazz band was hired to perform with world famous trombonist Alex Aisles. From there Vincent has had the privilege of playing with gospel artists such as Karen Clark-Sheard, Dorinda Clark-Cole, and Douglas Miller.

After graduating from high school, Vincent enrolled in the Musician's Institute where he received his associate degree. He is currently a part of the M. I. faculty where he is working as an instructor.

Now at the age of 22, you can now find Vincent working in LA at various night clubs, making television appearances, and doing studio sessions. Vincent is currently working with a couple of artists such as smooth jazz artist Gayle Johnson who is the current musical-director for Norman Brown, Cherokee, N dambi, Ricky Fante, Eligah Rock, JD Webb, and Mozella) just to name a few. With these artists Vincent has opened up for acts such as Smooth Jazz recording- artist Paul Jackson Jr., Gospel Recording artist Fred Hammond and Soulive.

Vincent is one of LA's most promising up and coming drummers. Regardless of what the future holds for Vincent, you can expect a diverse display of drumming styles and an enthusiasm and excitement you cannot deny.