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Viktor was born on June 8th 1987 in Kaliningrad, Russia. He's got his interest in music since his early childhood and made his first steps in music at the age of 9, when his parents took him to a music school to learn to play piano. The school gave him invaluable experience and basic theoretical knowledge, which really helped him in his future musical development. After graduating from the school Viktor couldn't reconcile with the idea that the piano isn't that very musical instrument which would let him fully express his feelings and since then he had been longing for something vigorous and full of life. Following the urge to find his instrument he had been taking a guitar course until one day he was invited to a local band concert where he had a chance to listen to acoustic drum kit close enough to discover its beauty to himself. That was a life-altering event which determined the direction of his future musical life. Having taken basic drum classes he gave it a try to play in metal- and punk-rock bands. Finland's metal scene got a great influence on Viktor's early style of playing, and Dave Weckl and Jojo Mayer have always been inspiring him with their playing techniques.
Apart from his own activities he took part in different projects, cover-version performances and drum battles. As his experience in playing the drums was growing, he tried himself in different modern musical styles such as post hardcore, metalcore and djent. At the moment he is a regular member of the Kaliningrad djent/rap band Machines, which has become known in both their home town and other Russian cities. Withing just a year of hard work the guys had given a number of concerts in Kaliningrad, as well as Kaliningrad region and some big cities of Russia. In April 2015 Machines released their first self-titled EP – "Machines", and in December of the same year their Single – "Bulldozer". The band has also made three videos on two of their songs (2 Шага (2 Steps), Красотка & Бульдозер (Beauty and the Bulldozer)). One of the milestones for the band was playing together with Hacktivist in Saint-Petersburg and Moskow. At present Machines are planning to record a full-featured album, making new song videos and arranging performances in Russia and abroad.

My Soultone Set: 

17" Extreme China
10" Extreme Splash
17" Extreme Crash
21" Extreme Ride
19" Extreme Crash
14" Extreme Hi Hats