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Vijit Singh

Vijit Singh

Kryptos, Regicide

Vijit is a metal drummer based in Bangalore, India and currently plays for Kryptos and Regicide.
He grew up in Calcutta and moved to Pune when he was 13 with his parents who served as doctors in the Indian Army and were posted in Pune.
He was drawn to the instrument and the metal genre from an early age but was inspired to take it up and work towards being a live musician after being inspired by Kryptos, a band which is considered to be a pioneer of heavy metal in India, at a live concert in Pune. He moved to Bangalore from Pune for further studies in a city which is also known as the metal capital of India, with hopes of also being able to pursue his interest in music along with his studies. He joined Regicide, an old school heavy metal band based in Bangalore, in 2017 and released an EP with the band in 2019 called "As Skin Turns To Flesh". In 2019 he was asked by Kryptos to fill in on their "Feel the Heat - European Tour 2019", a dream opportunity for him to be able to embark on his first European tour with his favorite band in the country.

My Soultone Set: 

19" Explosion Crash
14" Explosion Hi Hat Pair
22" Explosion Ride
18" Custom Brilliant Crash