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Victor Montanaro

Victor Montanaro is an American drummer from Monmouth County, New Jersey. He began playing drums at 9 years old in elementary school and began playing on the kit at the age of 11. Victor has appeared on recordings with numerous musicians from the Monmouth County area, including the EP Fulmination by Ray Suhy (guitarist of Six Feet Under) and the self-titled EP by Me Against the World and will appear on upcoming recordings by local artists such as Ozkär Stalin and Omega Train. He currently plays in the bands Ross Owen & The Tribe, Omega Train, and Channeling Cornell – The Ultimate Chris Cornell Tribute. He is also currently working with alternative rock band Still Ghost and is in the rotation of backing drummers for his mother's band, Strumberry Pie.

Victor holds an Associate's Degree in Music from Brookdale Community College and coaches drum students at Rock Out Loud in Morganville, NJ. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology at Monmouth University, and plans on pursuing a Master's Degree in Social Work afterwards.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Gospel Hi-Hats
17" Gospel Crash
18" Gospel Crash
20" Gospel Ride
18" Gospel China
19" Gospel China
20" FXO6 Crash
10" Gospel Splash on top of 10" Gospel China stack
7" Gospel Splash
9" Gospel Splash
11" Gospel Splash
7" FXO Bell (x2)