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Victor Hinojos

Victor Hinojos

aka "Big Vic"

I was born and raised in Bakersfield Ca August 7th, 1987. I've had an extreme interest in drumming since the age of 4 where i use to go to church and just zone in on the drummer the whole time. My passion continued to grow and develop through the years and i officially started playing drums my senior year in high school at my local church. Shout out to Timothy Moore for teaching me the basics of drumming and having the patience to allow me to make mistakes and grow as a musician. After gaining my first independent opportunity to drum in church at age 18 i also participated in the local Excellence in Praise workshop with Kenny Kemp, i was the main drummer for the Community Empowerment Organization(CEO) youth choir and various local church concerts. 5 years ago at age 23 i was presented the opportunity to use my gift in my first gig outside of church playing locally with Frank Trimble and Unique Soul. I currently continue to play for Frank Trimble and Unique Soul where we perform a all the major concerts, festivals, and private events locally and throughout California. Since then I've also been the drummer for J2 and the Bizzness where we are currently preparing to record an EP. I heard about Soultone Cymbals from my friend and local drummer Miles Edwards who is also a Soultone artist. The quality of sound was amazing and the wide variety of different serious grabbed my attention quickly. After researching the Soultone cymbals i feel as though i can represent the company in a positive manner and due to the exposure that i get with playing in such diverse audiences i can capture the interest of others. My current setup is 14 inch extreme hi hats, 16 and 17 inch extreme crashes, 20 inch vintage patina crash ride, 8 and 12 inch extreme splash. I am honored and grateful to be a part of the Soultone Family.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Extreme Hi Hat Pair
12" Extreme Splash
17" Extreme Crash
8" Extreme Splash
16" Extreme Crash
19" Vintage Old School Patina Crash/Ride

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