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Another drummer from New York.. At an early age, Vic’s parents knew there might be drums in his future as he loved to bang on pots and pans with wooden spoons. Soon he graduated to Quaker Oatmeal containers. In third grade after hearing his elementary school band play a concert, he knew he wanted to play an instrument. His father suggested he play drums. That way, “all he’d need to carry around was a pair of drum sticks.” Little did he know....

Since his elementary school band director was a violinist, she pushed young Vic into private lessons. As tremendous luck would have it, his parents heard about a great young teacher named “Al Miller”. From 5th grade until he graduated from Hicksville High School, Vic studied with Al Miller. After that, it was off to Indiana University School to Music to study with the great George Gaber. Four and a half years later, Vic graduated and settled in Indianapolis and for a great many years played with local Jazz great's Jimmy Coe, Larry Ligget, J.J. Johnson, Ermine Hubbard as well as with a number of other groups and bands.

In the middle years, he was very involved with advertising and produced and played in a number of award winning jingles. Then came the dark years. The time when it’s difficult to find players who are still committed to a great sound. Most, succumb to little league and other family responsibilities. The drums were put away only to occasionally “sit in” at the urging of his lovely wife, Joyce. Anyone who’s been there knows what that is like.

This past year, after retiring and moving to the quiet beach town of Morehead City, NC he discovered a tourist town loaded with bands and places to play. Retirement hurts, it was time to reconnect with his life’s first passion, Music. Thanks to his friends in LA, Mark Leon, Jimmy Ford and the Folks at Soultone Cymbals, He now as the proud owner of a great set of drums and some fantastic Soultone Cymbals. Vic has written many ads over the years for just about everything on the market. He was heard to say, “If I had to write an ad for these cymbals, I’d have to invent a whole new set of adjectives. They sound fantastic”.

Approximately five years ago, following a 25 year hiatus from drumming, I retired to Morehead City, NC. It's a quiet fishing town on the coast with a large influx of tourists during the Summer. As a result, there are a lot of restaurants and festivals, and lots of "road bands" coming through town. With the help of Soultone and Ford Drums, I got back into playing shape and began my comeback. I can't say it was easy. The chops came back quick enough, but finding good musicians willing to work at a high level remained difficult. After numerous efforts and attempts, I had the opportunity to work with a singer who has been and still is very involved in the civic theater in New Bern. In the past 18 months, I've participated in 5 Broadway musicals, backed the very talented Rick Faugno and am currently playing drums in the very profound musical "Next To Normal". Yesterday (1/16/17), I reached my 70th birthday. The point of all this and to anyone reading this, is to say "NEVER GIVE UP, AND NEVER STOP PLAYING". But if you do, or have, know that you can "come back". If I could do it here, you can do it anywhere. And I promise you, it will be well worth it! And BTW, I love my Soultones!

My Soultone Set: 

21" Ride Vintage
19" Ride Vintage
16" Crash Vintage
14" Hi Hats Vintage