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Vernon J. Mobley

Fusion Jazz Trio

Vernon J. Mobley has been a performing drummer for over three decades. His vast understanding of rhythm and rhythmic patterns has made his unmistakable drumming style unrivaled in the tri-state area. His talents have allowed him to share the stage with such amazing artists as Richard Cummings(Harry Belefonte/Wayne Shorter), Robbi Kumalo(Aretha Franklin/Mary J. Blige), Gene Perla(Miles Davis/Frank Sinatra) and Bakithi Kumalo(Paul Simon) and a host of other amazing musicians and singers. He has spent countless hours studying to create a drumming sound and theory that transcends to all who listen to him play.

Vernon J. grew up in Philadelphia, PA where he played several instruments in church but quickly developed a love for the drums. This love sparked a desire to understand everything there to know about drums. Early on Vernon J. realized that it was not just one’s ability to play the drums that made one good but rather an ability to understand various genres and music as a whole. It was there, in church, where the sound and style of Vernon J. were born. Every Sunday morning was spent with his father, Joseph(organist) on one side and brother, Warren(bassist) on the other. Not only did he develop drumming skills but learned what it was to be a real musician and a true professional. The time spent being a church drummer is period that very special and is held very close to his heart.

Longing for the opportunity to further use some of his talents and share his extensive musical knowledge with jazz aficionados Vernon J. organized Fusion Jazz Trio. The trio blends bold percussion, funky and innovative bass lines, and electrifying keyboard refrains into a refreshing musical signature sure to please any discerning audience. Since 2002 his labor of joy has been to make FJT a recognizable name throughout the Lehigh Valley( Though Vern's primary focus is Fusion, he (somehow)still finds time to play with many other local artists.

Though he has been an active drummer for over 30 years he still considers himself a student of the drums. He is continues to gain new insights to drumming every time he practices.. Whether Gospel, Jazz, Funk or even polka(yes Vernon J. has played in a polka band) if playing at a venue near you it would be a great listening opportunity to check him out.

My Soultone Set: 

9" Gospel Splash
10" Explosion Crash
12” Custom Brilliant splash
12” FXO 6 splash
14” Extreme high hats
14” Custom Brilliant crash
14” Extreme Crash
14” FXO B6 Crash
14” FXO B6 Crash(in red)
16" Explosion Crash
16" Custom Brilliant Crash
20” Custom Brilliant ride


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