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Usman Sheikh A.K.A UKI - Drummer/Singer-Songwriter/Guitarist/Producer
Associated acts: Nescafe Basement
Birthplace: Lahore, Pakistan

Usman started singing when he was 3 years old. His earliest musical memories are of him singing harmonies with songs playing on the radio, and doing harmonies in a makeshift barbershop quartet with his older brother and two older sisters.
Growing up listening to bands like Def Leppard & The Beatles, Usman had an exposure to Rock at a very early age. It wasn't however till he saw the Tom Hanks movie "That Thing You Do" that he decided that playing the drums was the coolest thing a human being could ever do and decided to persue it as a career.
Spending his childhood and teens in Saudi Arabia, where being a musician was considered taboo, Usman rebelled against his environment by practicing as often as possible, playing as loud as possible. He related heavily to the Punk Rock bands of the time like Green Day, Sum 41 and G.O.B with later influences by Prog bands like Rush, Dream Theater, Symphony X and Porcupine Tree
He currently works as a Producer in his own studio E.A.R (Ebullition Art Recordings) and is recording an album with his band AAG, along with a Solo Album. He has also been an Associate Music Producer and Artist for the Pakistani Music Tv Show Nescafe Basement for the past 3 seasons, and is also a YouTuber making music/comedy and gaming videos on his channel UkiTube.

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