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Trevoris Scott

Trevoris Scott

Trevoris Scott was born on May 7, 1984 in Sarasota FL. At the age of four, Trevoris started playing drums. By age six he joined a local gospel group called The Sarasota Gospel Singers. Trevoris became known as The Little Drummer boy as he traveled with the group all over the Sarasota and Tampa Bay area. By age eight, Trevoris’s talent landed him a full time payed position as the drummer for Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Sarasota FL. Trevoris entered into middle school with his mind set on the VPA program (visual performing arts ). There Trevoris studied jazz, big band swing, combo jazz, salsa and all he could get his hands on. Trevoris’s talent grew so much he was recognized by the school board of Sarasota, Fl for excelling in the VPA program with out having the ability to read sheet music.

Trevoris went to Booker High School (BHS) located in Sarasota FL. He continued in his career in music by taking music theory and learning other styles of music like rock, funk, soul, R&B, hip hop, disco and much more. After high school, Trevoris played all around town in a number of local club bands like The Funky O Band, Eclipse Band, Latria Savage and The All Stars and The Evidence Band. Trevoris was the house drummer and bass player for Bam Bam Productions in ST. Petersburg FL. He can be heard on Ivy’s album under Bam Bam Production. During that time Trevoris has had the opportunity to play for The Anointed Pace Sisters, Dorinda Clark- Cole and Maurette Brown-Clark. Trevoris also has had the opportunity to share the stage with R&B Artist Chris Brown and Alicia Keys.

Trevoris now lives in Atlanta, GA and is now playing for the Carnival Cruise Lines with Jafar Curry and The Jafar Curry Band.

Trevoris is a well rounded musician and is always ready for whatever opportunities that come along.