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Trevor Maybee

Trevor Maybee

Growing up in a musical family, Trevor started studying drums seriously at age 7. His early years playing piano and listening to recordings of Michael Jackson, Dave Brubeck, The Police, and Toto helped shape his distinctively melodic approach to the drums. Having experience in symphonic settings on timpani, xylophones and vibraphones, Trevor's drumming is not only about keeping time and laying down a solid groove, but also about adding to the music through different tones and textures.
In addition to performing live across the Greater Toronto Area, Trevor is an active recording artist.

His current projects include:
Violet Fusion – Electric violin led original rock band
Absolute – Toto Tribute Band
InFusion Band – Corporate / Wedding Band
Sheraton Cadwell Orchestra – Big Band / Dance Band

My Soultone Set: 

Rock Setup:
8" Splash "Vintage"
9" Splash "Vintage"
11" Splash "Vintage"
13" Hi Hats "Custom Brilliant"
14" Hi Hats "Latin"
16" Crash "Custom"
16" Crash "Custom Brilliant"
17" Crash "Custom"
17" Crash "Custom Brilliant"
17" Crash "Latin"
18" Crash "Latin"
19" China "Vintage"
20" Ride "Custom"
21" Ride - "Custom Brilliant
22" China "Vintage"

Jazz Setup:
14" Hi Hats "Vintage Old School - 1964"
18" Crash "Vintage Old School - 1964"
17" Crash "Vintage"
20" Ride "Vintage"
21" Crash/Ride "Vintage Old School - 1964"