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Trenton Priest

Trenton started playing drums his freshman year of high school in marching band and fell in love with percussion. Through High school he was a part of all activities in band including Marching, jazz, Symphonic and Indoor Drum line. Trenton got so involved with percussion that he passed on some graduation celebrations to join the Bluecoats Drum and Bugle Corps where he was a member of the sideline for 4 years. When not on tour during these summers, Trenton became an instructor at his High School as well as 2 area high schools and another in North Carolina. Also, at the request of his former drum instructor, Trenton was offered a clinician job for the US Naval Academy Drum and Bugle Corps.

After a small break from playing, Trenton was encouraged to get back in to drumming and Join a fellow co-Workers band called The Wrecking Crew. After sitting in one practice He was asked to join the band and Re-Record the drums for their Sophomore Album “Unleash your Freak”. After being with the band for 3 years, he left the band and joined former members of REV-Nine to form the band “From Machines To Martyrs”. Trenton was only a part of the band for 4 months (one song recorded but never put out) before he left for musical differences. He then joined the group ‘Dreaming of Eden”. As a member of the band, Trenton recorded their sophomore album ‘Truth in Silence’ as well as embarked on a U.S. Tour for a month and a half in Support of National Recording Artist Eyes Set To Kill. In November of 2010 the band split and Trenton spent time filling in for local bands till he joined “SickCircle” in January of 2011. His first show was in Fullerton, Ca for the Chi Cheng Benefit show at the Slidebar.

Trenton has since left the band to become a member of ‘Saint Diablo”. The band has already opened for Mushroomhead and HED PE, has a show with Motograter and for the THIRD YEAR IN A ROW will be playing the Jager Mobil Stage at the Rockstar MayhemFest. Also the band has a 4 song EP available NOW!!!

Known for his Precise playing and Flashy Showmanship, Trenton has been called one of the best drummers in Northern Virginia. Trent can be found on Facebook and has Videos posted on Youtube!!!

"I am blessed and Honored to have been a part of the Soultone Family now since 2009!" Trenton said. "Thanks to Iky, Mya and EVERYONE at Soultone for a AMAZING product and AMAZING service these past 3 years!!!"