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Travain Crandell

Travain Crandell

Jeffery Newberry The original gospel keynotes Ft Paul Beasley

I was born in Greenville North Carolina February 12th 1994 I fell in love with drums at age of two My grandmother and my Aunt used to put me in front of the Television and put on Gospel music but just not any gospel music straight quartet with some of the legends Tommy Ellison,

Reverend slim Howard hunt,Joe legion, Shirley Caesar The nightingales, The Pilgrim Jubilees,Lee Williams,and Willie Neal Johnson. I mostly watched The gospel keynotes of Tyler Texas when I was 7 years old I told my grandma one day I will Travel the world and play for the Gospel keynotes. And now I can say I am officially The drummer for the world famous gospel keynotes I have traveled all over the world with them and shared the stage with so many great legends and artists and other musicians. Playing drums is what I love to do without drums and being on stage I am nothing. And most of all I want to thank Soultone Cymbals for letting me be apart of the family this is a blessing because I followed Soultone Cymbals for so many years it’s been along time coming but I can finally say I am proud to be a Soultone Cymbals artist Thank you.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Gosepl Ride
19" Gosepl Crash
18" Gosepl Crash
14" Gospe Hi Hat Pair
10" Gospel Splash