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Anthony Geroso was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Growing up, Anthony’s family prized music and from an early age, he was steeped in a vast array of influences through his parents’ eclectic record collection. His father would play guitar and his mother would sing as Anthony and his siblings listened and absorbed.

Anthony began playing the drums at age 12, when his parents bought him a Maxwin drum set. From that moment, he was hooked. Anthony took a few lessons, and also learned by listing and playing to his favorite songs and by watching other drummers. In his mid teens, Anthony was exposed to several professional drummers including John Paris (currently with Earth Wind & Fire) and another Bay Area drummer, Richard Aquan (currently with The Whispers). Anthony took every opportunity to learn from these master drummers and diligently applied his new knowledge each day after school ~ playing into the evening hours.

Anthony continued to improve his skills while playing in several cover, and a few original, bands throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He also attended Musicians Institute in Hollywood CA, where he honed in on his technique and added Latin rhythms to his skills.

Anthony is currently playing in an original band with his brothers, appropriately called Geroso. After many years of pursuing their own projects, Romy (guitar), Anthony (drums) and Gary (lead vocal) came together last year and began writing and recording original songs for their first full-length album. The music of Geroso is a distinctive brand of catchy pop-rock with R&B undertones. The brothers draw on their particular experiences and write from their hearts -- crafting songs that are relatable and engaging.

Anthony on Soultone Cymbals: “I needed new cymbals in preparation for Geroso’s debut performance. While shopping around, I came across Soultone. After hearing the M series, Jonathan Moffett’s line, I was hooked. I ordered an 18” and 16” Custom Brilliant crash and was blown away by their sound, beauty, and quality. So…I purchased a Custom Brilliant ride, high hat and FXO cymbal and that won’t be the end. I’ll never play another cymbal again…Soultone for life.”

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