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Tom Sheppard (born 7th June, 1987) from the south west of England is the drummer for Australian metal band Refraction. Starting drums at the age of 13, Tom has played for live bands from the get go. After making the move to Australia at the age of 16, he has cemented himself as one of Australia’s Up and Coming drummers. As well as playing for his band Refraction, Tom also does session work that has seen him tour Japan in 2013 with band Empire. Known for his hard-hitting grooves as well as his softer intricate beats, it’s no wonder that people know his name. This year Tom had the chance to learn from one of his idols Matt Halpern (Periphery) and is set to tour Australia during 2014/2015. Tom has also just returned from a New Zealand tour in May 2014 where Refraction played to a sold out show in Christchurch. Refraction are getting a solid name for themselves even though only forming in mid 2013. They really are making everyone realise they are a band to keep an eye on in the metal genre.

2013 Achievements:

- Japanese Tour
with band Empire
- Recorded Refraction’s full-length album Fossil’s released December 2013


My Soultone Set: 

13" Gospel Hihats | 19" Gospel Crash | 20" Gospel Crash | 12" FXO China | 16" FXO China | Stack Consisting of a 18" Custom Brilliant China and 16" FXO Crash.