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Tom Asvold

Tom Asvold

Tom was born in 1984 in a village called Skärvången in the northern part of

Sweden. Tom has been playing the drums since 1997 with a heavy

background in metal music from doing alot of live shows and recordings

with local metal bands.

Tom studied violin, piano, guitar and drums for a total of 8 years

before moving to Los Angeles in 2009 to attend Musicians Institute.

He recently earned his Associate of Arts degree in drums from MI.

Åsvold is influenced by a wide variety of music from classic rock, pop

and fusion, as well as a variety of metal including the bands

Meshuggah, Aeon, Pantera and Strapping Young Lad.

Tom is now dedicating all of his drumming time to play with his band

Polarization check em out! :)