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Tobias Leonardo Pedersen

Tobias Leonardo Pedersen

Tobias was born in Copenhagen in November 1974. He began playing drums at the age of 4, and have been playing drums ever since. He started playing jobs at the age of 8.
Currant bands Tobias is playing in
Leonardo Pedersens Jazzkapel
Troels Jensen and the Healers
N`city Blues

He mainly plays jazz /blues /soul /funk /rock /brasil pop/ Ska

Tobias has recorded/played/playing with:
Lillian Boutte (New Orleans), Etta Cammeron, Bobo Moreno, Michael Watson (new Orleans), Pelle Lindstrøm,(Sweden), Jan Gerfast (Sweden), Leon Brown and James Andrews (New Orleans), Stanly Jacobs and Ten Sleeplees Knights (US Virgin Islands), Norbert Susemihl, and in the bands, Daviken, Soulberries, Five Live Jazzband & Girassol, and played percussion with Furillo
Tobias is a self-taught drummer, but after a couple of years playing, he began studied with tree Danish drummers, and also attended a one day intensive with Dave Weckl.

My Soultone Set: 

17” Custom Brilliant Crash
12” Custom Brilliant Splash
22” Custom Brilliant Ride
16” Custom Brilliant Crash
14” Custom Brilliant Hi Hat
12” Custom Brilliant Hi Hat
18” Custom Brilliant Crash/ride