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Tim mcgrath

Tim mcgrath

Hello everyone my name is Tim mcgrath,

I am a 35 years old professional drummer from Dublin, Ireland. I have been active on the music circuit both here and abroad, professionally, since 1992. I got my first taste of the music world with my first name act ‘’The Golden Horde’’. We toured on U2s ‘’Achtung Baby’’ and ‘’Zooropa’’ tours. I then recorded the album ‘’To The End ‘’with ‘’Revillino’’. My next major Irish and international act was to perform with ‘’Paddy Casey’’ with whom I recorded the albums ‘’ Living’’ and ‘’Addicted to Company’’. Addicted to Company was produced, recorded and mixed in L.A with Gerorge Drakoulis for Sony/BMG. With Paddy I also toured throughout Europe on the ‘’Vertigo’’ world tour with U2. We also toured with ‘’The pretenders, R.E.M , Pearl jam, Bob Dylan and David gray’’.

My next act and pet project is with Dublin 4 piece ‘’ Sixteen Layers’’. We recorded our debut album ‘’I Am No One’’ in 2008 and are now working on the follow up to that. Our lead single ‘’Transition’’ was released last week; it was mixed by uber Swedish producer Adam Kviman. I have recorded two albums of new material with Paddy Casey. I also currently play with Craig walker (ex archive), The Power of Dreams, and am also recording albums with both theses acts, both to be released on Universal Music.

I have just returned from Australia and Dubai where I performed with Paddy Casey on a small tour and will be hitting the road with Paddy, Craig walker, The Power of Dreams, and Sixteen Layers throughout the next year and I cannot wait, and all with the joy of playing Soultone Cymbals. Many thanks to Iki and Mya for all your support and making me love my instrument even more, they really are a joy to play.

Slan Tim.