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Tim Head

Tim Head

Tim Head was born Sept. 11th 1991 in Berkeley, California. Tim always had an exceptional ear for music but never was determined to start playing until he was 13. He started with guitar and then quickly moved to drums during his freshman yeah of high school. Tim started meeting musicians through school and eventually started a band. Nothing got serious until about his junior year where his band "Dissimulated" started playing gigs often and started recording most of there songs. Tim also started playing guitar for signed Song Bmg Latino artist Y.S. "Young Seb" when he was just 16. He recorded a few tracks at the artists fathers house where he recieved very much direction pushed by his previous manager, Johnny Gunn. Tim now just recently graduated high school and is currently a college student majoring in Audio Recording. His band, Dissimulated are still running strong and are currently recording there first full length album and playing shows every chance they get. They plan to tour sometime summer this year. Tim's favorite genre's to play currently are Progressive, Metal, Fusion, Tech Metal, and Jazz. Tim is currently taking lessons from Travis Orbin (Ex- Periphery, Sky Eats Airplane), where he's learning odd time signatures, Polyrhythms, Inner dependence, Paradiddles, ghost notes, etc. Tim's aspiration is to provide music, feeling, and emotion to people's ears, and soultone is providing Tim with a lot of guidance. Check out tims music...






Current set-up

Tama 7 piece Superstar Custom

8, 10, 12, 14 in toms

14 in snare

22 in Kick


All remo heads

Vater sticks

Axis Drum Pedals.