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Tim Beal Jr

Tim Beal Jr

Tim Beal Jr is an up and coming social media drummer out of Pittsburgh PA. Son of the late Tim Beal Sr. Drummer for the 70’s Pittsburgh band “All’s Gone” Tim was raised in music and grew up with drums in the house, lately he decided to get serious with his drummer and work toward a professional career.. Nicknamed ‘’The animal Timmy Bangerz’’ he plays all types of music, mainly blues classic and peggesive rock and pop.. With a cymbal set up that’s always changing he continues to improve.. Look for him on YouTube and Facebook…

Current cymbals used are Soultone 16’’ custom brilliant ra hi hats and a 20’’ custom brilliant ra chine with holes.

My Soultone Set: 

16’’ Custom Brilliant RA hi hats
20’’ Custom Brilliant RA china