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Tiffany Stanley

Tiffany Stanley

Tiffany “Tee” Stanley is a 26 year old musician/

drummer born August 19, 1983 in the small town of

Cambridge on the eastern shore of Maryland. Surrounded

by a host of musicians in her family, Tiffany picked up

the desire for music early in the church. Her love for

music came at an early age. Tiffany grew up in church

and began playing the drums at the age of 7 years old.

Drawn by her family’s musical leadership; Tiffany was

inspired by her brother, Charles Stanley. At the age of

13, Tiffany began to play for multiple Church choirs

and various ministries throughout the Maryland, DC,

Delaware and PA areas. Tiffany often says that if it

wasn’t for the good teaching and discipline she received

in the church, she wouldn’t be as well groomed as a

musician today.

Tiffany gives a tremendous amount of respect to

her mother, Shirley Stanley. She was the first pianist

Tiffany ever played with. Her mother always encouraged

her to play the way she wanted to. The late Rev. Hattie L.

Stanley (Tiffany’s grandmother) was highly respected,

loving, disciplinarian who allowed Tiffany to play the

drums only if her life was lined up with GOD. She always

taught Tiffany to be humble and play unto GOD’S glory

and for no other reason. Those words of wisdom have

impacted her life. Tiffany took her passion for music to a

higher level and began to learn different genres of music

such as Jazz, Rock, Go-Go, and Country. Her biggest

influences are Ella Fitzgerald, James Hall, Ricky Dillard,

Music Soulchild, Mary J. Bilge, Green Day, John

Coltrane, Sarah Vaughn, Gary and Arlinda Barnes and

many more…. Tiffany is currently traveling with the

Tyler Foxwell band, as well as various artist and churches located in

the Virginia and Maryland areas. No stage is too big or

small for Tiffany; she has performed for all kinds of

crowds and is comfortable on stage. She has a reputation

of being a powerful drummer with a tight pocket and nice

fills; therefore, Tiffany is now proudly endorsed by

Soultone cymbals and believes they are the best ever!


My Current Soultone Set Up:

13 Gospel Hi Hats

16 Gospel Crash

19 Gospel Ride

13 Gospel Crash