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Thomas “TOMMYSTIX” Lovelace

Thomas “TOMMYSTIX” Lovelace


Drummer/Daddy/Rocker/Respiratory Therapist in Fort Worth Texas....(Not exactly in that order).Was born in Seville, Spain as an Air Force Brat Am of Dutch, German, Cajun and Irish ancestry..Raised in Catholic schools (at Nolan High Ft Worth, Texas 1979 WHERE I WAS IN BAND PLAYING PERCUSSION MY JUNIOR AND Senior years..AND ALSO A YEAR OF MUSIC SCHOOL AT A LOCAL JUNIOR COLLEGE..)..and went to Respiratory School at Texas Wesleyan/Harris Hospital in Ft Worth).. music has always been my passion…

Been drumming since I was 15.. MY MOTHER WAS always an influence to my music and Always encouraged me!! I ORIGINALLY HAD A TEISCO BASS GUITAR BUT SWITCHED TO DRUMS..My first drum heros were John Bonham.. Ian Paice.. Carl Palmer..My first set was a used, contact-papered blue fleur-de-lis' Slingerland..!!! My next set was Mojave Red Rogers set, which was stolen, two doors down from Pantera's practice room in 1981 (sniff-R.I.P. DIMEBAG!!). I presently play Sonor Phonic-Plus Hi-Tech Grey with black hardware..

I Have played in numerous type bands from top 40 cover bands, metal, blues, folk, country..prog rock-metal.. and demos with "Hailstone" all hi energy rock from Texas!!! Did a c.d. with the band "Chamber of Kings" called "Dominion".. am Now in THE BAND “Legendary”. WE ARE PRESENTLY FINISHING ‘Circle of light” c.d.

I HEARD ABOUT Soultone from my drumming friend Reece Stanley of Phantom X AND WAS INTRODUCED TO Iki Levy AT N.A.M.M. jan 20th.. and after hearing Reece play the SOULTONE cymbals and saw what they were about at the show.. I WAS HOOKED!!! And was glad I met everyone at the booth

Thanks for this opportunity and thanks for endorsing me!!! I will continue to play Soultone as long as my limbs will allow!!! My symbol on my cymbal was designed by Delilah Blue a mystical musical muse.. (aquarius symbol.. my nickname and a celtic knot)