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Thiago ''do Derby'' Sabino

Thiago ''do Derby'' Sabino

Diablo Motor, Tio Fred, Psycho Clown

Mostly known as the drummer from Diablo Motor, with which he has toured all across Brazil and has released two well-reviewed full-length albums, Thiago "do Derby" Sabino also plays with Tio Fred, a respected and sought-after gigging cover band. He is also a member of Psycho Clown, a nü metal group formed back in early 2000's that is about to release their long-awaited debut recording. Sabino is a rock drummer, with all the power, explosiveness and vigorous playing that accompany those words.

My Soultone Set: 

• Vintage 24" Ride
• Vintage Old School 1964 22" Crash/Ride
• Vintage Old School 1964 20" Crash/Ride
• Vintage 18" Crash
• Extreme 18" China
• Vintage 16" Crash
• Vintage 16" "Wave" Hi Hats
• Custom Brilliant 14" Hi Hats
• Extreme 12" Splash
• Custom 10" Hi Hats