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Thaddeus Moore

Thaddeus Moore

Growing up in a family with diverse musical interests helped shape Thad’s appreciation and dedication to all styles of music. With extensive technical training (8 years of classical/orchestral snare), (followed by 6 years of Jazz, Big Band & Fusion) under the accomplished drum instructor Rich Grimm, Thad developed a metronomic feel and an expansive catalogue of styles that would anchor his musical foundation and launch his desire to be a professional.

Playing live music was to follow; allowing Thad to gain experience on the road and build on the performance side of the music business. He has performed with such artists as: The Touchables, Braille, Tracy Aaron Band, Black Tie Show Band, Morgan’s Music, Jackson Eli, Springtown and Tom McElvain to name a few. He has played on a variety of stages and countless venues…from private dinner clubs, to festivals and stadiums. Thad feels at home on stage performing for an eager audience, regardless of the venue or size of the crowd!

With his technical and live performance background, Thad has gained a valued reputation as a first call drummer in the Texas Red Dirt music scene. He has recorded 7 full length studio albums, 2 complete musical cast albums and countless demos with a plethora of musicians and regional artists.

Touring the Red Dirt music circuit for the last year and a half with ShutDownTown, Thad has found the perfect fit in both style and musicianship…Proof that hard work and preparation pays off! ShutDownTown is currently working on the follow up to their freshman release “Flush” and will be starting the next leg of their tour schedule in March 2013.

Passing the torch to the next generation….Thad has two sons (Ashton and Braden) who share their Dad’s passion for drumming. They are accomplished students and well on their way to becoming outstanding musicians and future Soultone artists!!