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Tarah G. Carpenter

Tarah G. Carpenter

Tarah Who? , Jane Gray Black Orphan

French/American drummer Tarah G. Carpenter (Tarah Who?,

Jane Gray Black Orphan) was born and raised in Paris,

France. She grew up in a very lively household with two

brothers and a mother who loved loud music, “My mom would

put on Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and

Bon Jovi when she was cleaning the house and I loved it!

That's how I know their songs and their music! My mother

was the cool one! Everyone else in my family was non

musical and very serious in their careers. I remember wanting

to play the drums so badly and I didn't know why. When I was

about 9 I started talking about it but my parents didn’t

understand.” Tarah’s parents wanted her to play classical and,

for them, drums were for boys. “I wanted to be rock! I wanted

to play the drums!”

Tarah’s desire to play drums didn’t stop, “I feel alive playing

and, at that time, I couldn’t move forward until I eventually

found some drums and started teaching myself!” In Paris she

started playing in local bands, recording, gigging, touring and

eventually established her own project Tarah Who? (where

she sings and plays all the instruments on the recordings).

Since establishing herself in 2010, Tarah G. Carpenter has

released two albums under Tarah Who? and has toured

Europe multiples times. She's played the Festival Europe des

Cultures, The European Independent Film Festival, as well

as, Gibus, Le Sentier des Halles, La Scene Bastille, and Le

Zebre de Belleville. She's also toured the United States west

coast and played many well-known rooms in Los Angeles

such as the Viper Room and House of Blues.

Tarah's song Worst to Come has had regular spins on WRCR

Rockford, IL College Radio and 89.4 FM Radio Libertaire. She

has also been featured on numerous blogs including

ustream.tv, revolutionthreesixty.com and


Tarah has also studied under the notable Thomas Lang in

Rotenburg, Germany and Lille, France. Most recently she was

featured in Inked Magazine (February 2015) and Batteur

Magazine (April 2015) with other Thomas Lang drummers.

Currently, Tarah is recording a new album for Jane Grey Black

Orphan and producing her third Tarah Who? album. “I’m

having fun recording and producing right now! The next Tarah

Who? is going to be louder than ever! I’m very excited to

share it!”

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