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Tanner Sjo

Tanner Sjo


Tanner grew up in a small town in Arkansas. He was a very involved individual. He was involved with many of church-affiliated, school-affiliated, and outdoor activities. At a young age, he aspired to play drums where he was always beating on something. Tanner had musical talent within his family as many of his cousins were talented musicians, and his grandfather was a guitar and vocalist in a country band in Kansas. Tanner became very active in the school band at the age of twelve, in a beginning band, where Tanner began to shine with his natural ability to play percussion. Through Junior High and High School Tanner stood out as a passionate drummer, even in the classroom tapping on desks with pencils. Throughout his younger career of playing percussion Tanner was apart of a class that earned many awards in symphonic, marching, and jazz bands. Tanner’s freshman year he was gifted a black Pearl Export Drum kit, which he would beat on in his parent’s garage. Tanner considers that era of his time as fundamental smack in the face, as he begin his vigorous and competitive career of learning different styles, and working with very good talent to become more diverse in his style.
After Graduation, Tanner moved to Fort Smith to attend college. Tanner naturally became very involved with Church related college groups, local churches, and even music venues catered to Christian concerts. While in Fort Smith, Tanner helped establish a worship ministry at the UA Fort Smith Baptist Collegiate Ministry, where he played with many talented musicians, often for crowds of two-hundread plus. While Tanner was playing with the BCM group, they performed and lead for Conferences, holidays, and Vacation bible schools around the Fort Smith area. During this time Tanner developed a friendship with another drummer who always mentored him, and encouraged him to pursue his drumming talents. While being mentored, Tanner was invited to participate in a drumming event in Tulsa Oklahoma, where drummers congregate to raise awareness and collect canned food for the Food Pantry of Oklahoma.
At this event Tanner was surely to stand out with his psychedelic lime green satin drum kit. During this event, Tanner was introduced to Risen Drums, and was given the opportunity to become an endorsee. This was the turning point for Tanner in his career, as he soon started to think about opportunities in the music industry.
Tanner was persistent to graduate college, as he was always raised, “If you start something, you finish it.” Later in 2012, Tanner finally sealed the deal with Risen Drums; with his first professional drum kit. Shortly after, a fellow friend and endorsee of Soultone, Chris Hunter, introduced Tanner to Soultone Cymbals. Tanner started to network with Soultone Cymbals, and Tanner was able to land another endorsement opportunity with Soultone.
Later on, with networking friends in the drumming world, and building friendships, and utilizing partners with different companies, Tanner was introduced to “How its made” famous Silverfox drumsticks. Tanner signed his third endorsement with Silverfox in 2013, and refuses to use anything other than the Silverfox MRs. Tanner is very appreciative with the opportunities he has been given, and continues to be a huge ambassador and advocate for Risen, Soultone, and Silverfox. During conversation, he never forgets to mention his endorsements, as they have been the stepping-stone for Tanner to pursue his musical passion.
Today, Tanner is graduated from college, with a degree in Psychology. He remains in close contact with his friends who are actively performing and touring musicians in Nashville. He hopes within the next couple years Tanner and his wife will adventure to Nashville to pursue the Dream and Passion of playing music.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Gospel Hi Hats
18" Gospel Crash
20" Gospel Crash
24" Gospel Ride