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Svante Karlsson

Svante Karlsson

Independant/The Moth Gatherer

Born 1981 in Helsingborg, Sweden, I started playing with straws on the coffee table as a kid. I used to play old dixieland jazz tunes and get my mother to figure out which song it was. She wasn’t that into the songs and probably never guessed right… My father is jazz musician and I got into drums because of him. Drums was always the instrument that got my total attention and eventually I started taking lessons in school. I got bored pretty quick and didn’t really get why I should learn rudiments at that time so I quit. I played guitar and bass instead until I started high school. Meeting new people and finding new music and inspiration really got me going and realizing that drums was the instrument for me. I eventually left my hometown for Stockholm to study the drums. There I could focus only on the drums and really develop my craft. I like all kinds of styles but nowadays I play mainly Post Rock/Post Metal type of stuff.

My Soultone Set: 

16” Vintage hats
22” Extreme Crash/Ride
24” Custom Ride
20” Custom Crash