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Born on May 30th, 1989, in Houston, Texas, Steven Matthew Mikula would soon learn he was born to be a drummer. At the age of 6 he created a "drum set" out of top hats, pots, pans and anything and everything else that could possibly create a ping or a clack on his father’s workout bench. All taped up and ready to go he played and sang a mix between an Aerosmith song "Dream on" and his first band he remembers hearing, Rush "Tom Sawyer". Years down the road at age 10 his father purchase a Memphis brand Stratocaster guitar for the wee lad and Steven started learning guitar. The whole time Steven really wanted and was discovering he really aspired to be like Neil Pert, drummer of Rush. "By the time junior high came and went I had been able to play on several drum sets of friends and friends parents and at 14 begged my parents for a drum set of my own!" Steven says. Finally, during his freshman year of high school Steven got what he had always dreamed of and the rest is history!

As an extremely classic rock influenced musician, In 2005 Steven joined up with David Rhodes, Derek Warmington, Dustin Cherrington, and Guion Branche to start the band many know as Advent Scars ( Together for almost 4 long years, they put out 2 self-recorded albums, played The Vans Warped tour in 2007, went on several tours of their own and were living any musicians dream. All the fun slowly came to a stop after everyone graduated and went on to college and other jobs and bands in 2008, dawning the next step of Stevens’s musical career.

After the breakup of his first original band he then began to work on new original projects and several cover bands in the Houston area up until he moved to Austin, TX in November 2012.

Here in Austin, Steven brought together a new band with original Advent Scars guitarist, Derek Warmington, to create the sound of 'Those Damn Eyes' which landed them in the hands of producer, and owner/founder of Orb Studios, Matt Novesky, bassist from the popular band 'Blue October'. The album has yet to be released or heard by the world due to unfortunate circumstances with another member of that project.

Now with his new endorsement with the amazing cymbal company, Soultone, and help of David Osmar, Steven has regrouped with new musicians and is currently working on bringing back the style that most influences him in a new band along the lines of Paramore, Saosin, Pierce The Veil, The Used, and Taking Back Sunday. New info and music will be available from Steven Matthew Mikula before you know it, so stay tuned!

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