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Steven Ciorciari

Steven Ciorciari

Love at first hit. That is how I feel to this day about the instrument. I have been drumming for over 10 years now and still to this day the best decision I have ever made. Starting off with learning the basic techniques to playing with other talented musicians. I started playing in bands in high school and college and have found a home. I currently drum for the band The Machinist out of Queens, NY and have been in the band for 5 years now with a self-titled EP released and multiple tours under my belt. When not with the band, I am either playing with local artist or teaching the next generation.

Drumming has allowed me to release stress and negative energy in a positive way. There is no feeling than coming off the kit with complete satisfaction, whether it is learning a new song or playing something that is out of your league, and that is the challenge that I strive for.

I am currently playing Soultone Cymbals and couldn’t be any happier. I am currently using the 18” crash from the Custom series and 14”hi-hats, 17” crash, 20” mega bell ride, and a 18” China. I am also using a 10” FXO 5 splash with is great for fills and accents.

My Soultone Set: 

18" Custom Crash
18" Custom Brilliant China
20" Mega Bell Ride Custom Brilliant
17" Custom Brilliant Crash
14" Custom Brilliant Hi Hat Pair
10" FXO 5 Effect Splash