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Stefan Juen

Road Chicks Band/Tasty Rockbits/The Groove Stylists

Born in 1983,
2003 Study of Instrumental-and Voice Education at the Tyrolean Conservatory;
Main Subject: Classic Percussion with Mag. Gunnar Fras and Norbert Rabanser
Study of Jazz-and Popular Music with Prof. Stephan Costa
2006 Study of Bachelor of Arts at Mozarteum Salzburg (Innsbruck)
2006 Award of Bachelor of Arts
2007 Study of Masters of Arts at University Mozarteum Salzburg with Prof. Dr. Peter Sadlo
Since 2004 Drum Coach at Music College Innsbruck
Since 2005 Drum Coach at Music School Western Region of Innsbruck
2014 Award of Masters of Arts at University Mozarteum Salzburg
Studies with: Peter Sadlo, Bogdan Bacanu, Robert van Sice, Leigh Howard Stevens, Katarzyna Mycka, Eric Sammut, Arno Hasselsteiner
2014 Publication of Drums light - The Drumbook for the Advanced Drummer. Author: Stefan Juen (ASR Records Publications)
2014 Publication of various Works for Drums and Percussion
(ASR Records Publications)
2015 Foundation of the Drum Office – Tyrolean school for drummers.
2015 Stefan Juen - Sonor Artist 2015 (Endorsement)
2015 Stefan Juen - Soultone Artist 2015 (1st European Soultone Endorser)
2016 Founder and Organizer of the TDW Tyrolean Drummer Competition 2016 - The 1st Drummer Competition of Austria.
2016 Stefan Juen - Drum Design Artist 2016 (Endorsement)
2017 Stefan Juen - Tirol Drums Artist 2017 (Endorsement)
2017 Member of the Tasty Rockbits (Austrian Alternative Rock Group)
2017 Member of the Road Chicks (Austrian New Country Band Nr.1)
2017 Founder and Organizer of the Austrian Drummer Awards 2018 (1st European Drummer Competition)
2018 Stefan Juen - Aquarian Drumheads Artist 2018 (Endorsement)


Road Chicks Band
Tasty Rockbits
The Groove Stylists

My Soultone Set: 

Soultone Natural Series Hi Hat 14"
Soultone Natural Series Crash 16"
Soultone Natural Series Crash 18"
Soultone Natural Series Splash 12"
Soultone Natural Series Ride 20"
Soultone Natural Series China 16"

Soultone Extreme Hi-Hat 14"
Soultone Extreme Crash 16"
Soultone Extreme Crash 18"
Soultone Extreme Ride 20"
Soultone Extreme China 18"


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