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Stan Mitchell

Stan Mitchell

Stan Mitchell figures that over the course of his career he has played every form of popular music (And some unpopular). As a journeyman musician he not only plays drums but is also a songwriter and producer. He has fronted his own band as singer and percussionist and has developed educational music/ rhythm programs in schools. He most recently co-authored a bass/ drums instructional book and wrote and performed an educational drum DVD.

Stan was born and raised in New Zealand where the lively music scene allowed him to turn pro at the tender age of 16. His extensive playing experience held him in good stead when he and his band, the Drongos, arrived in New York City in the early 1980's. The band gained a solid foothold in the peaking Punk/ New Wave/ Alternative scene and cemented Stans reputation as a powerful and musical drummer.

Since the 1980s Stan has divided his time between New York and Los Angeles where he has been much sought after for live and recorded drumming work.

Stan endorses Pork Pie Drums and is a big fan of the new SOULTONE cymbals.