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Stan Calvin, the proud founder of StanKonnexions formed the band in the year 2015, whereby he combined this passion, fused in his roots and got together with a bunch of equally inspired and visionary people who believe in music being the sound of yesterday’s and all the tomorrow’s. Brought up in the rural state of Perak, Stan’s father took the initiative to introduce rhythm and beats to Stan at the young age of four.
Music was not something that enhanced Stan’s life, it was and is for him a way of life, as it was his channel for him to express himself as he grew older, the way for him to learn about other people’s feelings, perspectives, visions and even incidents that were going on around the world passed the boards to Taiping, Perak.

In the year 2008, work dragged Stan from the rural outskirts into the heart of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur. They say a city opens up ones drive to achieve, and opens doors towards opportunities that one could not believe was in their grasp. Upon his arrival in Kuala Lumpur, Stan could not leave his musical development to merely a tabla, he wanted to diversify his skill in understanding rhythm and this desire lead him to teaching himself how to play the drums from tutorial videos on Youtube.

StanKonnexions was named this way for their holistic view towards music, they are not a band that refuses to evolve, and in fact they are the opposite. The word “Konnexions” is inspired by Stan’s desire to constantly harness and encourage new talents and voices to join the band and jam with them so that the band cannot be merely concluded to one sound, but instead houses infinite potential and skill. They are not just your everyday band, they are visionaries, advocates, educators and talents who are here in Kuala Lumpur to bridge music to the people through the one and only - Stan Konnexions.

StanKonnexions is actively touring around the globe giving clinics representing Soultonecymbals. He has enchanced

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