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Soren Daniel Meyer

My name is Sören and I am from a city called Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. I play drums for about 11 Years and I still love everything about it. Mostly I learned playing drums by myself. I had 3 years of drumlessons and that helped me a lot. In that time me and some friends founded a Band called "Choose Your Path" which was a good way to be creative and having a good time with good friends. I played in some cover Bands before, but I wanted to make something new and something that comes from my own hands. The Bands music sounds aggressive at first but it's 100% positive music with a lot of energy, hope and heart. We call it "Melodic Hardcore". We will record a full length in early 2013.

We have a Musicvideo on Youtube and a few EP's for free downloading. Check:

The opportunity to play such Cymbals as the ones Soultone is making, is the best that could've happened to me. I really like the sound and the good communication in this "family" where I felt welcome from the very first contact.


I'm glad to represent this current Soultone Cymbal Set:

14" Extreme Hats,

12" Custom Brilliant China,

5" Moffet FX Bell

18" Gospel China,

20" Extreme Crash,

22" Custom Brilliant RA Crash/Ride.

My Soultone Set: 

20" Crash Extreme
18" China Custom Brilliant
22" Crash/Ride Custom Brilliant RA
14" Hi Hats Custom Brilliant

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