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Simen Sandnes

Simen Sandnes

Simen Sandnes
Born 20.02.94, in Tromsø, Norway
Height: 190cm
Currently live in Kristiansand, Norway
Studying music at the University in Agder.
Working as a drum teacher.
Simen started to play drums early 2010, after giving up his childhood dream of becoming a proffesional footballer. After a short time he started the band "Die Seventeen" with some childhood friends. With Die Seventeen he recorded their EP "Memorias" and a singel "Amnesia". Simen joined Remorse is for the Dead 1 year later and recorded their EP "Recreation" summer 2011. After some issues with the bands, he quitted them both and formed "Without Apathy" with some class mates. In this band Simen contributed with writing songs and lyrics, you can hear their EP "Marluxia" for free at youtube. Simen was later invited on tour with Faanefjell who needed a step in drummer while their drummer was in the army. With Faanefjell Simen played two of Norway´s biggest Metalfestivals, Inferno Metal Festival and Trondheim Metal Fest. Here they played along with bands such as Gojira, Satyricon, Chrome Division, Taake, etc. Simen is often credited for his crazy stage performance.
Now Simen is now putting all his focus on his upcoming Youtube videoes and to complete a master in music.
Check out his drum covers at youtube, they are not quite like any other.

Also endorses:
- PDP Platinum Drums
- Wincent 5B & 5A Sticks
- DW9000 Single Pedals
- Pearl Demon Drive Chain Double Pedals

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