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Shawn Hughes

Shawn Hughes

Learning rhythm while in his mother's womb, this fourth generation musician was born to be a drummer and is one of the most sought out drummers under the radar today.

He was behind a kit at age two, first club appearance was at age six with his father's band Lower East Side and first tour at age 16 with Jamie LaRitz, which by this time had over 50,000 hours of practice and playing under his belt.

Bands and Artists played and performed with in Maryland and Florida:

Jamie LaRitz

Deadly Aggressor

Chemikill (click)

Supine (Jim Mcd)

Rebel Amish Radio

Great Train Robbery

Never Never


Scared for Life


Jackson Hill

Rio Grande

Erika Jo

Trent Tomlinson

Goldie Locks

Stone Cold Reality

Jonell Mosser

Bret Michaels

Naked Beggars (Jeff LaBar & Eric Brittingham)

Cinderella Warm Up (with Keifer, Brittingham & LaBar)

Britny Fox

John Corabi

Soul Circus Cowboys

(If I forgot anyone, I am sorry, or it was on purpose. LOL)


Soultone Cymbals



D'Addario/Evans/Planet Waves

Vic Firth

Sony Creative Software


Sick Boy


Sheffield Audio/Video Institute

My Soultone Set: 

22" Custom Brilliant Ride
19" Custom Brilliant Crash/Ride
16" Custom Brilliant Crash
15" Custom Brilliant Crash
14" Custom Brilliant Crash
8" Custom Brilliant Splash
14" Custom Brilliant Hi Hats
16" Custom Brilliant China
14" Custom Brilliant China

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