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Shawn Chase from Bolivar, NY. He was brought up on music. His stepfather was a guitarist so he had pretty consistent access to instruments . He started out with taking music seriously with bass and when he was in high school he took some basic music lessons. He dabbled with strings for a bit then a friend introduced him to The Grateful Dead and he was amazed with the percussion in it so he started tapping on coungas and djembe. He loved it. So he played only hand drums for a couple years. Then he decided he wanted more drums to hit so he got a trap set ...It was so natural to him. He's been consistently playing ever since .

He has played drums in several bands spanning about every genre.

Around 2000 he started to DJ his friends parties and got his start as DJ Johnny then became DJ Johnny 5. And finally DJ J5, which is also his brand for his experimental EDM music. He still occasionally DJ's but most of his focus now is on his band, Erudition.

2010, He created Blind Sun Entertainment with a good friend to encompass all of the projects they were involved in. They had been throwing music festivals such as the Overgrown Music & Arts Festival. He had a recording studio working with several artists resulting in around 8000 recorded or produced songs, also running live sound at events. In 2018 he decided to reformat Blind Sun Entertainment into Blind Sun Records which is still up today.

Currently he is the drummer in the band Erudition with Josh Wells and Justin Sabol based out of Bolivar NY. They got their start about a year ago and since released several songs and one album







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