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Shane Cordero

Shane Cordero

Autumnwood, TheWell Buffalo

Hello Everyone,
I’m Shane Cordero a 25 year old professional Drummer from Buffalo, Ny. I’ve been playing drums for around 11 years. I’ve been performing in The Western New York area in a few different bands and playing many different styles . Coming up as a drummer I played in a lot of punk and rock bands but quickly grew to love playing Jazz and funk. Recently I’ve been active in the Cover music scene and focusing on playing Worship music for my church in Buffalo, Ny called TheWell . Drumming has been my biggest passion since the first time I picked up sticks and I continue to grow but super grateful I was able to make this my profession. I love Soultone Cymbals and I’m extremely proud to be Endorsed by this company and I’m looking forward to the professional relationship and growth that we will develop together ! Thank you !

Currently I’m jamming the Abby series Cymbals pack which includes a
20 inch Ride Cymbal
14 inch Hi Hats
16 and 18 inch crash Cymbals

My Soultone Set: 

20" Abby Ride
14" Abby Hi Hat Pair
18" Abby Crash
16" Abby Crash