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Seven Bailey

Seven Bailey

Kirk Franklin(gospel) 98- drums

Black Star(hiphop) 99-00 drums

Crackberries(alt/rock) 00-02- drums

Enrique Dominguz(latin) 06- drums

Lux(alt rock)- studio drums 06

Abandend(rock/hiphop/alt) 07 drums/tour

Rock The Bells 08 drums concert/after party

J Ross Parralli(reggae/hiphop) 07-08 drums/production/studio drums

Jurrassic 5(hip-hop) 07-08 drums/concert dates

KRS One(hip-hop) 08 drums/concert date

Avery Watts(rock-alt/hiphop) 06-08 studio drums

SupaNat(hip-hop) 08-09 drums/tour

Mulatto(r&b/hip-soul/alt) 07-08/ sub for spot dates

Ms. Lauren Hill(hiphop/r&b) 06-09 drums/production/tour

Roberta Robinson(jazz/r&b) 08-present drums/ band member

Rick Parma(jazz/r&b) 09-present drums

Andrae Alexander(all genres) 09-present

Allee Willis(writer of many genres) 2012

"I have been humbled and rooted throughout my experiences and thank God daily His gift."

Seven Bailey

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