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Seth Salwen

Music has been a major part of Seth Salwen's life since childhood. The youngest of 5 children, Seth's siblings had a tremendous influence on his musical taste and helped to shape the diverse talent that he is today. Starting with Piano and voice instruction, Seth turned to the instrument that had been his obsession from birth... the drums. At ten years old, Seth began his formal education and has been a "student of rhythm" ever since then. Seth studied under such musical greats as HARVEY SORGEN (NRBQ, Hot Tuna, Santana, etc), CHARLIE PERRY (Stan Kenton, Artie Shaw etc) and BOBBY RONDINELLI (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult) just for starters.

His musical taste is as varied as his performance experiences. From Jazz and Swing to Blues and Soul, to Classic Rock, MOTOWN, Pop and Top 40 - Seth can do it all.

Seth was the drummer in an original project, “The MONDAYS”, who just came off their “Summer Mini-Tour”. He also founded both "PLAN B - New York's Premier Cover Band” and “27 EAST” . They can be seen and heard at venues throughout the northeast and on line at: AND . They are listed as a “preferred band” on the Long Island Wedding site:

Seth has played with such bands as Night Flight, Thunderstruck, Weird Science, The Zippers, The All Stars Band, & SAINT. He keeps his schedule full, playing up to 125 gigs per year and loving every minute of it!

Seth has shared the stage with the legendary Jon Paris, Bret Michaels, Anton Fig, Boston’s 3rd Left, and Fear Of Fred. His weapon of choice? - His first drum set, 1979 Slingerland drums in Blackrome finish. Slingerland chrome on wood drums of the 70's have a unique construction, in that the shells are a beautiful 5-ply maple and a stainless steel sheet was used as the wrap. (You can test this, because a magnet will stick to the shell.)

Seth upgraded his set after 30+ years of using the same drums, to HB DRUMS - and HB DRUMS are the ONLY drums he feels can do the job. HB DRUMS opened a new USA custom facility offering HB's build to order drums featuring top-notch craftsmanship with super fast delivery at unbeatable prices.

The HB drum line is the world's first US build to order drum company to feature virtual 3 D website design allowing the ability to create custom drums in real time and offer the sound, craftsmanship, durability and configurations that a working drummer like Seth Salwen depends on for his livelihood. HB also offers "build to order” delivery times that are faster than any drum company on the market at the lowest US retail prices. Again, details that Seth Salwen and other hard working drummers can COUNT ON!

Seth also endorses DRUM PORT, a revolutionary new drum head system that enhances the natural tones of the drum, helps project the true sound and tone of the drum and minimizes the need for microphones. This is a recent endorsement and another product that Seth feels strongly about. From beginners to professionals, weather you're jamming with friends in the garage, a "weekend warrior" playing the occasional gig, or a working drummer, both HB and Drum Port offer the right product at the right price. Seth also plays BOSO Drumsticks. Their beautiful handcrafted bamboo drumsticks are environmentally friendly. BOSO DRUMSTICKS are second to none! Seth plays SOULTONE Cymbals exclusively.

Stay tuned for more on Seth, HB, DrumPort, SOULTONE Cymbals and BOSO drumsticks.

My Soultone Set: 

22" Vintage Ride
17" Vintage Crash
10" Vintage Splash
15" Vintage Hi Hats