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Sean Flanegan has channeled a life-long passion for drumming into an acclaimed role as drummer for the widely respected progressive rock band Enchant.

Inspired by iconic rock drummers (John Bonham, Neil Peart) and legendary progressive rock masters (Phil Collins, Bill Bruford), Sean actively played in bands throughout Northern and Southern California before taking over the Enchant drum chair in 2001. Inside Out Music artist Enchant has released 10 albums and toured over the years with many notable progressive rock acts including Dream Theater, Marillion and Spock’s Beard. Sean’s powerful yet musically sensible playing blends well with Enchant’s trademark style—heavy rock with melodic “prog” sensibilities—and his strong presence continues to expand the band’s sound. On Enchant’s latest release, The Great Divide (2014), Sean is at his very best, keeping a solid drive through intricate time signatures, showing technical prowess where appropriate, and always supporting the melodic structures of the band’s compositions. In 2014, Drum Magazine recognized Sean Flanegan as one of the “Magnificent Majestic Maestros” of present day progressive rock drumming and called his work on The Great Divide, “refreshingly tasteful.”

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